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About the Trust

Kosovo Pension Savings KPST (KPST) is an independent public institution of the Republic of Kosovo. KPST is established as a mandatory plan to administer and manage pension contributions until retirement.



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Each employer in Kosovo is obliged to pay pension contributions for its employees. Future employee pension is mainly based on this pension contribution. Therefore, the pension is defined starting from employer, thorugh accurate payment and reporting of pension contributions.



Your future pension depends mostly from pension contribution you make during the working age! If you are an employee, make sure your employer pays pension contributions for you. If you are self-employed, you are advised to make regular pension contributions.


KPST as of 25.08.2014

1.2647 EUR
1,025 mil EUR
467 thou
Active contributors
268 thou
Investement fee p.a.
0.40 %
Operational fee p.a.
0.13 %

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Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 - 16:00, except public holidays.

Agim Ramadani, # 10
10000 Pristina
+ 381 (0) 38 244 341
+ 38 1 (0) 38 24 43 68
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